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Located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Lebanon Isshinryu Karate School has been serving Lebanon County for over 48 years and are dedicated to providing quality instruction to all of our students.  Our motivating and enthusiastic instructors provide classes that challenge students to do their best everyday, in and out of the dojo.  We encourage our students to have self-discipline and focus to achieve goals.  We build superior concentration for good grades and work habits, courage and patience to handle life's daily challenges, the inner strength to say "no" to peer pressure, confidence and self-esteem to walk proud and not be a victim, and provide a friendly, fun and safe form of physical fitness and exercise to help your body excel at being healthy!

You'll find that the instructors, staff, and students here at the Lebanon Isshinryu School exhibit courtesy, respect and a positive attitude in everything they do to help build a fun and friendly atmosphere for each individual's personal growth.

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